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Solubrite provides off-grid households with plug and play solar home systems on credit, using a progressive purchase PAYG ‘pay-as-you-go’ financing model. We enable customers to replace their perpetual spending on poor-quality and polluting products, such as kerosene, with high quality solar energy that quickly becomes an important and beneficial asset.


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Solutions for your home

You can produce your own electricity at home thanks to a small, plug and play, certified solar kit. The kit will provide reliable energy for all rooms and allow you to charge cell phones and radios. Between 6 and 24 hours of light. Monthly payments in the range of 6 to 15 months. Once a paid for you will benefit from years of free energy. The kit generates bright light, gives you security in and out of the home and enables you more time to talk with friends and family at night.

Solutions for your business

Would like to have your business stay open longer? Experiencing frequent electric shortages? Our products will free your business independence from high electricity prices or diesel generation costs. Our solar systems allow you to power several mobile phones, TVs, fans and soon refrigerators. These systems are available on monthly payments and once paid you will enjoy years of free energy.

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