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Parents reported children improved their grades.


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Access to solar energy is life transforming. The effects of a solar lamp or solar home system goes far beyond just providing bright light. Surveys have shown that solar lighting products enhance profoundly a household quality of life and often promotes economic development. Access to energy provides security, health, education, productivity and affects climate change.
Adelia Aguilar es una madre soltera de cuatro hijos. Trabaja todo el día en el mercado de granjeros de Silico Creek para proveer a sus hijos. El talento de Adelia se muestra en hacer cacao; todo el mundo en la comunidad sabe que ella hace el mejor cacao. Después de comprar una lámpara Sun King a través de Solubrite amplio su producción de cacao en la tarde, vendiendo mas en el mercado y aumentando los ingresos de la familia. Adelia también utiliza la lámpara portátil de Solubrite el mercado en caso de que tenga que quedarse hasta muy tarde y tener que caminar de regreso en la oscuridad. Su hijo Nicolás también se ha beneficiado de estos productos de Solubrite. Sus notas en el colegio han mejorado bastante ahora que tiene una luz brillante para estudiar en lugar de una vela. Esta ingresado en la Universidad y estudia hasta tarde en la noche con la lámpara.
Solubrite recently completed a social impact survey focused on the benefits of our solar products in an indigenous Gnabe-Bügle community in Bocas del Toro, Panama. 90% of families in the community bought at least one lamp and/or solar home system from Solubrite. The results of the impact survey showed significant improvement in the areas of education, security, and savings. Of the 31 families surveyed, 74% reported an improvement in the grades of their children. This was especially true for students in secondary school and college who could now study late into the night with a bright light rather than a candle. 87% of families felt that their security was increased after purchasing the lamps, clients reported increased safety when walking at night because it provided a bigger and brighter range of light than a cheap flash light. Interestingly, families also reported the products as a gateway to purchasing a phone – 39% of families reported that the family only bought a phone after purchasing the solar products which can also charge a cell phone via USB port. In terms of savings and economic benefit, the median savings on other forms of light (typically candles, batteries, kerosene, or diesel for generators) was $2.50 per week.
Jaime Aguillar wears many hats. He is the pastor of the church in Silico Creek, has a small business selling traditional Ngabe herbal medicine, assists the local Panamanian congressional representative with distributing a government funded educational development grant, works part time at night on his Master’s Degree in Education, and serves as Solubrite’s community agent in Silico Creek. Just over 30 years old, Jaime has taken on this stunning amount of responsibility quite rapidly. As an agent, he has become a respected business leader within the community and been able to build up his reputation for good advice by bringing a reliable source of solar light to the community. This has opened the door for Jaime’s myriad other endeavors and responsibilities. Personally, it has also provided him with an excellent source of income which he has used to improve the quality of life for his parents and to launch his business selling traditional Ngabe herbal medicine.
PAYGO offers tremendous opportunities for rural off grid clients. They get a financed high quality product whose payments match conveniently to the income range of rural off grid households. PAYG motivates families to sign up to pay for an important product on credit. Most customers have never made a bill payment before signing up for our PAYG products. Two important things happen when a client signs up for PAYGO: 1) Client now has a collateral – the solar product – other than house, land and / or animal. This is particularly important for those who have no prior collateral whatsoever. They now can potentially use this collateral to refinance another loan. 2) Credit worthiness. Once client has purchased a product and paid in a timely fashion they can potentially be eligible to upgrade to bigger more powerful products or for other types of loans such as house improvement, working capital, education etc…